About Us

Chef Hoony ~ Owner
Seom means ‘Island’ in Korean, and pronounced softly; som. We are located on an island joined by a causeway in the Ucluelet Harbour and blessed with one of the best views of the Marina. Our top floor location above the Waters Edge Shoreside Suites welcome reception is full of warmth. A place where friends and family will share laughs, colleagues will feel inspired, and the entire community gathers to share our passion for great flavour. Apres Adventure has found its home.

At Seom we are all about Modern Korean Comfort Food’. We are pleased to feature meat, dairy, seafood and vegetables from the many fine producers around Vancouver Island. We’ve put together a menu inspired by the foods of the world, with a focus on quality local fresh food and brought them home with a Ukee twist, all uniting under the one goal of nourishing the hearts and the stomachs of our friends (like you).

Made with love ♥️

Beautiful Ucluelet Harbour Location

SEOM is located at Waters Edge Shoreside Suites Resort, in the beautiful Ucluelet Harbour above the welcome reception with lovely Marina views.
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